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Our Healing Program - FAQ

What does your spinal program do that my orthopedic surgeon can’t do?

Our program works with people or we help people heal at the same level.

Surgery typically will alleviate symptoms but it won't necessarily fix the underlying problem that caused you to have that issue in the first place.  What we do in my clinic is help people resolve the underlying condition that's causing them to have a symptoms in the first place.  The program is comprehensive.   The first thing I need to do with each person is determine what their goals are. Once we establish that,  once we're both in agreement that we believe that our programwill be successful, the program will be designed specifically for them. It usually entails 4 to 5 days a week for the first month, then 3 to 4 days a week for the second month,  three days a week for the third month,  and then depending on the severity of the condition and the length of time that have their condition we might do a 4 month and that might be one or two visits for the for the fourth month.


What happens during a visit?

It's really tailored to the person, taking into consideration what  the person's needs are: how much pain that person is experiencing and what is the underlying condition that's causing to have a problem.  For example if somebody's coming in for a neck issue, and they've been having some radicular pain in their arm, or numbness and tingling, it will change throughout the course of treatment in the beginning they may do every session for laser and spinal decompression and we might do some of the neuromuscular rebalancing.  


What is neuromuscular rebalancing?

Rebalancing takes everything that we have done up to that point and we change the brain on how to move in certain patterns. For example, if you been doing a movement pattern incorrectly for a number of months or maybe even a number of years, your body is going to learn those patterns.  We retrain your body how to move normally for you to  fix the pattern.  For example,  maybe you have a shoulder issue for a long time so your scapula and humorous don't know how to move synergistically with each other, so we teach you how to move and strengthen those areas for you to be able to resume whatever functioning you're not able to do.Many times we are able to get you back to everyday functioning.


What is spinal decompression?

Spinal decompression is contracting and relaxing of the spine we use a table to do that. So we put a person on the table it contracts or retracts the spine for a period of time.  It provides the pumping mechanism that your body is not doing for itself. Eventually this program will teach your body to do this itself.  


Who is a candidate for spinal decompression? Is your program right for me?

Anyone who has been having symptoms of pain or discomfort or any disc issues - herniations, bulging discs,  numbness or tingling -  they're all candidates for this program.  If you've had surgery for your neck or your back or anywhere in your spine -  you may or may not be a candidate for spinal decompression but you can be a candidates for laser.

You are not a candidate for spinal decompression if you have had a fusion of any kind on your lumbar spine,  for example, but you may be a candidate for cervical decompression.


Do I have to do work on my own like exercises?

Absolutely, that's one of the commitments that I will be asking of you during our pre-enrollment interview. You have to be committed to this program.  It's a process and without participation in this process you we won't be able to achieve the goal.


It's not for everybody. That's why we have such a vigorous interviewing process because we want to make sure that you're going to be a successful candidate.